A well-designed SEM campaign for Google search engine is based on a synergy between search engine optimisation (SEO) and sponsored links (AdWords). Thanks to the balance between these two factors, SEM campaigns are a major marketing tool used by many companies which intend to share selected content with a large audience.

Website positioning

During our cooperation with clients on website positioning, we aim high. The right combination of website optimisation and linking profile lead to high positions for websites in Google search engine.

Website positioning is a long-term operation, yet the return on investment can be impressive, contributing to our clients’ success.

Paid search results – AdWords campaigns in Google search engine

When an AdWords campaign is launched, the advertised website pops up almost instantly in the paid results of a Google search. It should be noted, though, that, as soon as the campaign ends, the paid links disappear. Therefore, in the course of developing integrated SEM campaigns we ensure that AdWords campaigns are supplemented by the right positioning of websites. Consequently, clients enjoy long-term effects and lasting value of the content.