Public consultations

We can see how society is changing in its involvement in issues that concerns it directly. More and more people are looking for information, responding to them and expressing their opinions, commenting on local events on social media. Changes to the law, new investments, construction of roads and other things having an impact on the landscape are widely discussed in Internet forums and communal meetings. With our communication, we join the social dialogue, fairly presenting the investor’s point of view. Public consultations offer an opportunity to present arguments and exchange opinions. At the same time, they relieve the tension, preventing escalation of conflicts.

Public consultations for companies

In the course of public consultations held for companies, we use a three-stage process. The first stage is the detailed analysis of the underlying situation, often accompanied by a survey of the investment’s stakeholders. On this basis, we map the stakeholders and select the key opinion leaders (KOLs) with whom we establish close relationships, including contacts with local media and politicians. Next, we all sit down, aware of the responsibility placed on us, and apply a wide range of instruments not only to supply information but, first and foremost, to exchange opinions, shed light on the topic of consultation, to educate, debunk myths and, finally, to go ahead with the plan. We involve people in a dialogue, affecting stakeholder attitudes, leading to a situation where the investor turns into a friendly neighbour, while the client’s local reputation remains intact.