Product PR

As a PR company, we intend to provide our clients with top quality services. For this reason, we decided to develop our original IDEA model, where creative work is divided into four stages. It starts with an analysis of the marketing environment and the communication, plus devising a business strategy. Next, together with the client, we develop a brand model in which a company’s values as well as rational and emotional benefits are identified. Stage three is about selecting the goals and matching the product PR activity with the brand strategy. The process is complete when PR activities have been carried out, ensuring our clients’ success. Activities developed using our IDEA tool are arranged in a full cycle of PR communication. This adds value to existing brands, products or amplifies market launch.Consumers actively look for information. For this reason, one of the most important tasks of marketers is providing easier access to that information. This is where SEO PR, a tool representing an important part of the tactical solutions applied in product PR, comes in.