Media training

Following many years of experience in cooperation with the media, we know all about the mechanisms and processes operating in the them. We know that successful self-presentation is key. This is why it is so important for us to share knowledge with our clients during media training.

The subjects discussed during media training

During media training carried out at the client’s headquarters, we discuss the following subjects: basic visual communication, body language, voice instruction, ways of overcoming stage fright — all things related to the specifics of working in front of cameras and self-presentation. During media training, we teach how to answer difficult and tricky questions (this skill comes particularly in handy in crisis situations) and how to control emotions during conferences or interviews. Another area of media training is developing and publishing statements and developing press releases.

We raise awareness of activities instigated as part of cooperation with the media, and we prepare individuals for professional contacts with journalists to effectively implement the action plan.