Influencer Marketing

Cooperation with famous artists, actors, singers, athletes and bloggers has become a permanent element of the creative and effective brand promotion offered by Q&A. The dynamic growth of digital communication, especially in social media, has increased the value of cooperation with opinion leaders, authorities and pioneers. Being natural and credible to followers differentiates influencer marketing from other forms of marketing.This is of special importance in building unique value for our clients.

As a communication company, we have many years of experience in working with influencers. Thanks to analyses using sophisticated tools and a team sharing its knowledge and experience we have become experts in matching influencers and bloggers with a brand strategy and the values represented by a brand.

What influencer marketing means in practice

Most typically, influencer marketing is used by brands to promote its products or services. It may also serve as a tool to cover an event, a product campaign launch or simply to create a brand image among customers. The choice of the right influencer depends on many factors: time, place or expected results. With many years of experience, we can negotiate a fee attractive to both parties and define achievable KPIs.

Micro influencers play an important role; they are individuals who, despite smaller popularity on social media, are much more authentic to their audience. Cooperation with micro influencers allows for greater creativity in developing long-term campaigns, it  naturally fits everyday communication in social media and encourages the audience to share brand activities.

Influencer marketing – is it profitable?

It is the authentic nature and positive response in the target groups that make influencer marketing so popular; it brings about effects comparable with a well-organized, paid online advertising campaigns. Whenever we suggest this solution, it is only with our clients’ success in mind.

Search engines have contributed to netizens’ increased online activity. In order to creatively raise the audience’s interest in our clients’ activities, we use SEO (search engine optimisation) solutions. These include AdWords campaigns, positioning of websites, commercials and content on the websites of our partners (bloggers, influencers) as part of influencer marketing. As a result, Internet users more frequently come across the services and products offered by our clients and are more likely to come back for information.