Employer Branding

Employer Branding is about projecting a brand image inside and outside of a company, where existing or prospective employees are the target audience. The goal of Employer Branding is to create a coherent and attractive image of an employer in order to maintain or attract key employees. Developing the employer value proposition (EVP) is of importance when an employer’s market is turning into an employee’s market.

Devising an Employer Branding strategy

Before we devise an Employer Branding strategy, we become part of the client’s company. We learn about the working culture, the company’s and the employees’ values to best understand the employer’s needs. The analysis and surveys allow us to set strategic directions and to recommend communication activities. As a result, the employer’s brand is made more robust, and we build a positive image of the company among professionals looking for jobs and among existing employees.

We believe that responsible Employer Branding causes not only a considerable increase in the employee efficiency but, first and foremost, is conducive to comfort at work. We provide practical training on Employer Branding for our clients in order to stimulate the team’s creativity and involvement. Together, we take care of every company’s most valuable assets: its people.