Crisis PR

Crisis situations in a company can arise in many areas, from product or service quality, to unprofessional or non-existent public consultation.

An organisation in crisis can very quickly become the focus of the media, as well as the business environment and affect the local community’s opinion. Bearing in mind the importance of preventing or mitigating crises-related losses in generating value for our clients, we have become professionals in quick and effective crisis PR activity.

Preventing crisis situations in companies

In our communication with clients, we place the emphasis on prevention. Together with clients, we analyse the company to identify potential threats which may lead to a crisis situation. We also monitor the media looking for our clients and their industries mentions.

We know that crises tend to start on social media and escalate at the speed of light, so we provide guidelines on how to communicate with the audience when a crisis arises.

In our opinion, responsible crisis PR consists of additional activities, including client training during which we simulate crisis situations in the company and develop procedures conducive for quick and effective actions. At Q&A Communications, we also conduct media training (talking to camera or microphone) which is an important element of preparing for crisis situations.