Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate social responsibility is about managing a company without losing sight of social or environmental issues. Corporate social responsibility has been playing an increasingly important role in Poland, affecting the decision-making processes of consumers and business partners.

Source: CSR in practice.

To us, it is an exceptional way of building brand value for our clients.

CSR as a major corporate tool

Corporate social responsibility, aligned with a company’s profile, builds a positive image of a company and supports employer branding activities. CSR activity is treated as a promotional tool and translates into better sales performance , better visibility and inspires employee loyalty. They also improve brand sympathy, a fundamental indicator of brand value, and the “brand for me” dimension. This is why we devise and implement CSR strategies strictly related to a specific industry, generating value for our clients, always close to the stakeholders’ needs. We plan activities contributing to our clients’ success, at the same time deriving benefits to the company’s target group.