strategic consultancy

Communication strategy

At Q&A Communications, we believe in brand impact. In our opinion, customers do not choose products or services solely for the functional features they offer. Brand image is of equal importance, just like brand character, values, beliefs, brand activity and the communication style at every point of contact. A well-devised communication strategy is the foundation for a cohesive, creative brand image and binds consumers to a brand for longer.

Strategic consultancy for your company

As part of devising marketing and communication strategies, our company helps clients to create robust, attractive brands with coherent communication. We analyse business goals, look closely at target groups, look for insights and points of contact. In cooperation with clients, we define the brand features and values. In the course of developing communication strategies, we draw up action plans by defining the big idea, the main communication messages and the most effective tools and channels for reaching the audience. We advise companies what to do in the areas of management, marketing, internal communication and HR to reinforce a brand and values in the consumers’ minds.